Water colour shows the historic house (now a restuarant), situated just above the high street,on the hill below the City’s famous Cathedral. Image = 219 x 162 mm (8.6 x 6.38 inches) approx. Water colour of early morning,view driving in from the north east of Lincoln City.With the Adam and Eve pub, not in view, immediately on the left, the early sun makes the white cottage glow.  Image = 270x202mm (10.63"x7.95")approx. Water colour was based on a scene observed from a Lake District camping site. Image = 209 x 140 mm (8.2 x 5.5 inches) approx. Oil on primed hardboard with a coating of artex to assist creating the impression of falling snow.The village situated near Spilsby in  the heart of Lincolnshire. Image= 590x440mm (23"x17") approx. Oil on primed hardboard. 1980s view as one approached Doddington Hall,  accessed on the left before the church. Image = 820 x 595 mm (23.2 x 17.3 inches) approx. Oil painting on hardboard of a commanding scene. Image = 520 x 365 mm (20.5 x 14.4 inches) approx Water colour proved an interesting challenge in creating the impression of height and distance, to convey the immensity of this walled construction. Image = 235 x 200 mm (9.25 x 7.8 inches) approx. This water colour is of a cosy log cabin in New Hampshire,converted from an ice house, useful before the advent of gas refrigeration.  Image =200x160mm(8"x6.4")approx. Oil on primed hardboard is of an olive grove in the Alykes disrict on the island of Zante or Zakinthos to give it is full Greek name.  Image =610m x455mm (24 X 18 inches) approx The sunlight breaking through the dining room window of the house in the Salamancan town of Bejar.  Image = 200 x 160 mm (8 x 6.4 inches) approx. Water colour showing the warmth of the Greek island of Zakinthos (or Zante). Note the unintended profile of horse in foliage or rock with sleeoing lion face.  Image = 150 x 205 mm (5.9 x 8.07 inches) approx. Impression of wave lashed cliffs done in oils on primed hardboard.  Image = 300 x 232 mm (11.8 x 9.1 inches) approx  displayed on 9 " easel. Oil on primed plywood. Distortion in perspective was used to convey the animals' heightened herdic sense of panic. It is modestly framed with profiled timber_Image = 790 x 290 mm (31 x 12 inches) approx. This lovely scene, captured in water colour, whilst the artist was visiting Italy's beautiful eastern region of Abruzzi due east of the coastal town of Pineto. Image = 270 x 202 mm (10.8 x 8.08 inches) approx.
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