Dolphins in Pula Bay _  water colour Bay in Croatia  done prior to the war and breakup of the Yugoslavian countries. Dolphins regularly visited the area._Image = 209 x 144 mm (8.25 x 5.7 inches) approx.. River View in Auchterard, Co Galway _water colour was done on the way back from Connemara to Galway,where the stillness of the water caught the artist's eye. _ Image = 158 x 115 mm (6.22 x 4.53 inches) approx. Oranmore Castle _ water colour of scene from southern coast of Galway Bay, Ireland_ Image = 158 x 115 mm (6.22 x 4.53 inches) approx. Awater colour pencil sketch made whilst touring the mountains in Algarve. Image = 226 x 175 mm (9 x 7 inches) approx. Oil on primed hardboard,  based on sketch done on holiday on the Greek island of Corfu. The view is of the north east coast towards Kirkira (Corfu),birth place of the e Duke of Edinburgh. Image =610m x455mm (24 X 18 inches) approx A water colour pencil sketch of a taverna on the island of Rhodes. Image = 306 x 226 mm (12.05 x 8.9 inches) approx. Aghia Beach_this water colour is an attempt to capture the marvellous sun light effect on the water lapping against the boats at anchor off Aghia beach on the Greek island of Zakinthos._Image = 306 x 226 mm (12.05 x 8.9 inches) approx.. Water colours showing morning view. This was done when the artist was surpised to see the island appear out of a heat haze that hidden it the night before.  Image = 260 x 170 mm (10.4 x 6.8 inches) approx. The second painting of the Al Hassa Oasis but in acrylics. Image = 330 x 215 mm (13.2 x 8.6 inches) approx.. Water colour of Saudi Arabian oasis, the largest in the world.located on the trading route between  the capital of Riyhad and Dharan port on the Persian Gulf image = 226 x 210 mm (9 x 8.4 inches) approx. 0il on canvas based on sketch done whilst visiting the city's French Quarter.  Image= 460 x 300mm (18" x 12") approx.
Scotlincart Room  “B
Water colour pencils sketch. Image  = 210 x 150 mm (8.25 x 6 inches) approx.