The White Horse _ Oil painting mostly by pallet knife and chisel brush on primed hardboard, using only primary colours and white. No black was used_Image = 560 x 730 mm (22 x 29 inches) approx  The Way Home _ oil painting on primed canvas, an imaginary medievil scene of soldiers on horseback returning home from battle, inspired by a photo of a rider on horseback performing at Lincoln City's Castle grounds_Image = 400x560 mm (15.7"x22") approx Stampede in pink sunset _ painted in oils on a primed sheet of plywood.distortion in perspective was used to convey the animals' heightened herdic sense of panic_Image = 790 x 290 mm (31 x 12 inches) app A Summer Scene_ water colour  loose style impression_image 285 x200 mm Arab Mare & Foal _ water colour painting 1st of three sketches done of middle eastern mare and foal. The breed has a distinct  broad flat back_Image =115 x 215 mm (4.33 x 8.5 inches) approx.  Painted Wood_ water colour impression of sunlight breaking through the folliage in a wooded glade_ image = 285 x200 mm approx Sailing in Sunset_ oil on canvas using limite pallette_image=230 x 300 mm (9"x 12") approx Gull Over Wave Swept Beach_Oil impression of storm passed_Image = 300 x 232 mm (11.8 x 9.1 inches) approx. displayed on 9" easel
Scotlincart Room  3
Impression of Camargue horses_ painted in oils on primed hardboard. Image = 760 x 330mm ( 30 x 13") approx Hand painted miniature scene on mediterranean pebble